Monday, January 28, 2008

Sites For Students Week

My first tour was of JOBSTER. It seemed very similar to other employement related sites out there, but I had never actually taken a close look at this one. They cater to job seekers and employers looking to hire. Job seekers can not only look online for work, but they can post their resumes online which is very handy for potential employers...a huge benefit to a job seeker. Emloyers advertising on JOBSTER also benefit from this site in that JOBSTER targets markets employers are specifically searching out. JOBSTER makes it a lot easier for employers to narrow searches and find the potential employees that deserve a second glance.

I also checked out NOTELY. This site is a huge help to students of all ages and education levels. I wish this site had been around when I was in college. It's probably a site I would actually use on a regular basis. It's an organizer, to-do list, calculator of grades and class averages, note keeper and so on. Obviously students, or maybe even anyone else who needs more organization in their life could definitely benefit from this. I was very impressed with this site. I haven't seen anything like it before.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Twitter Week

Today I tried Twitter for the first time. I learned that "udweller" has a cool photo of a kayaker attached to their name. "Speta" is avoiding a "to-do" list. "Cerulean Paper" had a pleasant morning with tea after a Vietnamese dinner last night and shops at Central Market. I think Twitter could be used as a cool bulletin board to post messages to specific groups of people or could be utilized to post any sort of information updates.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facebook Week

Having read the article on the use of social networking in libraries there is one point that I had to agree with. With technology changing as quickly as it does, it is imperitive that libraries educate the public about new trends and such. Libraries have an obligation to educate and challenge. I agree that we should be informing young people about the dangers and benefits of the web as well as the importance of privacy issues. The web is also really useful for patrons in terms of being able to access library information, services and catalogs from home or elsewhere.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

...more Wiki Week 2

I still think we should have a staff wiki for updates, input and suggestions. It might also be handy to have a public patron wiki to use as a public suggestion box sort of thing. I'd be a little nervous as to what some people may write though. I'm not sure there's a way to filter some stuff that comes through.

Wiki Week 2

Well, I think I figured out how to edit a wiki page. I found my entry under "recent activities" for the Port Orchard wiki page. I'm hoping that is where it was supposed to show up. Overall, I guess I have an understanding of how wikis work having had exposure to them from previous jobs. I guess it's not so intimidating, although I'm still not really into the editing of wikis. They can be enjoyable and informative to read, but that's about all I'm interested in.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wikis Week 1

For the Wiki Week 1 assignment I had a hard time trying to come up w/ any super creative wiki ideas. But I do think an online suggestion box sort of thing would be great! This could be anything pertaining to working within the library that only library staff had access to. Ideas such as how to do things more efficiently, cleanliness issues within the work environment or general daily updates.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

week 9 YouTube

I think YouTube will come in very handy. I looked up info on watercolor painting and they had several demonstrations available for me to watch. I was thrilled with that. I also watched a demo on how to shear sheep...not that I will need that any time soon. But it was neat to watch. I was able to successfully find the KRL fish story and watched videos on book cart drill teams. That was an interesting sight! They almost looked like profession drill cart teamsters! Some people, I think, have too much time on their hands!